The licensed professionals at Stump Man also specialize in professional tree trimming and tree removal for residential and commercial properties.

Whether you have a rotting tree encroaching your neighbor’s property, roots growing into your sewer system or dead limbs posing a risk to staff and customers, our reliable and affordable tree removal services will ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

Tree trimming and removal always poses risks to people and property when not handled with the proper tools, equipment and training. Deemed one of the most hazardous jobs to perform, felling a tree also requires a great deal of knowledge and preparation. In addition to involving electrical wires, phone lines and building structures, trees themselves are dangerous if cut incorrectly or if they may be rotting from the inside.

Our licensed professionals will not only be able to remove your problem trees, but they will be able to determine ahead of time whether removal is the best option.

As well as eliminating dead trees from your property, our professional tree removal technicians specialize in storm-damaged tree removal and seasonal tree trimming. Aside from the cosmetic benefits, tree trimming is needed to prevent other safety hazards from occurring, such as dead or rotten limbs becoming easily breakable.

When trimming trees, it’s important the task is done safely. Should the cut be made from the wrong angle, it could come crashing down on a nearby home or powerline. To be successful in your tree trimming, be sure to hire qualified tree trimming experts to do the job.

insured tree removal companies that will guarantee homeowners will be satisfied by their work and covered, should an incident occur during trimming or removal.

Whether you need a tree removed from your yard for safety reasons or you simply don’t want it blocking sun from your home or yard, be sure you invest in an experienced tree removal team to get the job done right.

For more information about Grand Rapids tree removal services from the experts at Stump Man, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.723.3514.