If your property hosts a stubborn and unsightly tree stump, our Grand Rapids stump grinding service offers the quick fix you need to improve the look, feel and function of your yard.

After ridding your residence of rotting or damaged trees, it’s important to also dispose of the hazardous stumps left behind. Not only are they unappealing, but tree stumps left unattended can be dangerous for children and cause problems when it’s time to mow the lawn. Thankfully, the insured stump grinding experts at Stump Man offer a solution to permanently remove these hazards from your yard.

Stump grinding handled by a professional stump grinding company remains the simplest way to remove a stump from your yard. Using a high-speed industrial grinder, we are able to quickly grind through the stump and larger roots.

Allowing your tree stump to decay naturally may seem like a good idea, but it can take years and can easily become a breeding ground for disease, pests and fungi. These organisms affect neighboring trees and plants, causing them to rot and die. A decaying stump also stimulates growth of excess weeds surrounding your home and could potentially lower your property value.

While there are a few different ways to remove an unwanted tree stump from your home, stump removal is known to be a more complicated process. It requires a lot of heavy equipment and will leave you with a cavernous hole in your yard that’ll need to be filled, resulting in a bigger bill in the end.

Luckily, our affordable stump grinding service offers a fast, non-invasive solution so that you aren’t left with a gaping hole at the end of the job. As an added bonus,the remains of the stump are often ideal for environmentally-friendly mulching.

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