If shoveling snow fails to make your list of fun winter activities, then our reliable snow plowing experts stand ready to help you out this winter. 

Sick of wasting your time and money on fly-by-night snow plow companies that rarely show up — and do a substandard job when they do? The next time the wrath of Michigan winter rears its ugly head, turn to the qualified team at Stump Man for quality snow removal at affordable prices.

While we focus on stump grinding and tree removal during the rest of the year, our licensed and insured snow removal experts specialize in providing quality snow plow services during the winter months.

An excess of snow and ice buildup on your home and driveway can not only create lifelong damage to your roof and gutters, but it can put you and your family at risk for slip-and-fall injuries. By opting to have your snow and ice removed by a professional snow removal company, you are protecting your family from harm and your home from potential structural damage and leaks.

With commercial grade equipment, we have been offering reliable commercial and residential snow plowing for decades. Our customers leave all of their snow plowing needs to us, and we never disappoint.

As well as keeping your family safe with our residential snow removal services we also provide snow removal for small commercial properties and take on a limited number of clients to ensure 100% coverage with each snowfall.

Our experienced team prides itself on a high response rate as we only travel to a few West Michigan cities, including Grand Rapids, Jenison, Hudsonville and Grandville.

When it comes to snow plowing, it’s important to have a trusted company you can turn to when you need it. That’s why many customers have invested in the snow experts at Stump Man.

For more information about Grand Rapids snow removal from the professionals at Stump Man, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.723.3514.