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Dangers of Letting Stumps Deteriorate

By May 28, 2019 July 2nd, 2021 No Comments

Have you ever put off getting a tree removed from your property because you know that a stubborn and unsightly stump will be left behind?

Whether your stump affects your home’s curb appeal, attracts insects and other pests or distracts from your backyard decor — there are many benefits to removing these eyesores from your property.

While some homeowners believe letting a stump deteriorate on its own instead of calling a qualified stump grinding service remains the cheapest solution, it may take several years to rot, causing costly problems of its own.

Here are five reasons why letting your stump deteriorate can be dangerous:

    1. Attract Pests and Insects: As your stump begins to rot, it will call all the deadwood-loving insects to your yard. These insects will not only eat away at your decomposing stump, but they may choose to venture out to the other trees and plants, and sometimes, even your home. 
    2. Disease is Inevitable: Whether you cut your tree down because it was rotting or because it cast too much shade on your home, the potential for disease post-cutting only continues to grow the longer you leave your stump in the ground. These diseases can be transferred to other plants in your yard, causing a bigger issue you’ll have to spend money fixing. 
    3. Hazards Waiting to Happen: Not only is a stump in your yard unappealing, but leaving it to slowly rot can quickly become hazardous to you and your loved ones. While tripping over a stump may not be fatal, running into it with your lawnmower can cause serious damage to your yard equipment. Your new tripping hazard can also leave you liable should your neighbor or guest run into it while visiting. 
    4. It Will Not Go Quietly: If you choose to let your stump deteriorate in time, there is a good chance that once it rots, a large hole or depression in your yard will be left. Opting to let a tree and stump removal company do the work will ensure your yard won’t be left with a hazardous hold in the end.
    5. It Might Keep Growing: Not a lot of people know that after a tree is cut down, that doesn’t mean it’s done growing. In fact, if a stump is not ground down correctly, the roots can continue to grow, causing cracks in nearby sidewalks or driveways. The top of the stump may even try regrowing, tossing all your hard work out the window. By choosing a qualified stump grinding service, the team will grind the stump and save you from potential regrowth.

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